As we lead up to our second Lead U Conference (For the Life of the Church: Christianity and Cultural Engagement, April 27-28), we are sharing links to the presentations from our first conference last fall, Christianity and the Death of the Old Testament. Below is a brief summary of this week’s featured presentation with a link to the video. We hope you will join us on April 27-28 for our second conference!

Main Session #4: “Old Testament Theology” by Stephen Dempster

DempsterSummary: In this session, Dr. Dempster explores the topic of Old Testament theology, describing the endeavor as an attempt to unpack the meaning of this Old Testament that so saturated Jesus’ mind and speech. Too often we stand too close and lose sight of the big picture, so the task of Old Testament theology is to give us a perspective of the whole and how the individuals parts fit into this whole. Dr. Dempster goes on to consider key themes like the numbers 40 and 3 as longer and shorter periods of testing; the resurrection in the Old Testament as unexpected life that comes out of “death,” understood in terms of threats to human flourishing; and the overarching shape of the Hebrew Bible.

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