As we lead up to our second Lead U Conference (For the Life of the Church: Christianity and Cultural Engagement, April 27-28), we are sharing links to the presentations from our first conference last fall, Christianity and the Death of the Old Testament. Below is a brief summary of this week’s featured presentation with a link to the video. We hope you will join us on April 27-28 for our second conference!

Main Session #2: “#Blessed: Old Testament Blessing and Its Application Today” by Rusty Osborne

Summary: In this session, Dr. Osborne notes our cultural fascination with blessing, but also considers how this is rarely rooted in a biblical-theological framework. He suggests that our misunderstanding of blessing has led many to either embrace the Prosperity Gospel or to speak of blessing in terms that sound much like the Prosperity Gospel. In response, Dr. Osborne considers a biblical theology of blessing, especially focusing on how the Old Testament covenantal blessings are ultimately fulfilled in Christ through the Holy Spirit and, therefore, although we experience blessing today, we also await a future, more glorious blessing in the New Jerusalem. He ultimately concludes that true blessing is in the kingdom of God and the inheritance that is coming, not in the satisfaction of carnal desires for material things.

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