1 Chronicles slider

After David’s obedience in chapter 14 to do “exactly as God commanded him,” David now seems prepared to move the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem. With care to the commands of the law (Num 4:15), David instructs the people that the Levites alone may carry the ark and he makes provision for them to do so. As they prepare to move the ark, David reminds the priests to consecrate themselves lest God “burst out” in anger as He did before (13:11). Interestingly, the previous chapter, which splits these two stories of the ark, describes God “bursting out” against the Philistines and their idols. The reminder seems to be that God’s holiness is irrespective of nationality. Though God is with Israel, He will “burst out” at Israel just like He did the Philistines if they defame His honor.

Audio Sermon: “How Will You Respond to the Presence of the Lord?”–1 Chronicles 13-15 (Kyle Rapinchuk)

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