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I have always been fascinated by (not so much with the content but the reason for) the lengthy genealogy that begins Chronicles. I once endeavored to answer the question of its purpose in a paper for an Old Testament class. I later revised that paper for my PhD application essay (you can read that paper here). What I came to conclude, and still believe, is that the Chronicler desired to establish covenant continuity between Abraham and David. God’s promises to Abraham were going to be fulfilled, in the Chronicler’s mind, through the Davidic Covenant. The Chronicler then goes on to put a spotlight on David and the later kings of Judah as he demonstrates that although the Davidic King had not yet come, we do have a picture of what he will be like and confidence that God will remain faithful to His promise. And when God does finally bring about the realization of His promises to David, the genealogy helps us understand that it is God’s means of fulfilling the Abrahamic Covenant as well.

Audio Sermon: “A Name Which Tells a Story: David, Abraham, and the Messianic King”–1 Chronicles 1-9 (Kyle Rapinchuk)

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