“The Function of the Chronicler’s Genealogies: Establishing Covenant Continuity” by Kyle D. Rapinchuk (click for PDF)

Abstract: This paper explores the role that the genealogies in chapters 1-9 play in establishing a link between the Abrahamic and Davidic covenants. Though a brief overview of the Chronicler’s use of genealogies, one can see how the Chronicler has used genealogies in order to set the Davidic covenant in the context of God’s plans for the nations through Abraham. As the narrative of Chronicles progresses, the reader is anticipating the king who will fulfill all of these promises, not only to David, but as far back as Adam, Abraham, and Judah. As the Chronicler narrows the focus from the seed of the woman to the seed of Abraham to the seed of Judah to David and his descendants, one sees a pattern that leads ultimately to a single individual in whom all these promises find their fulfillment. That one is the Messiah whom the Chronicler anticipates. And as the opening words of the New Testament illustrate (perhaps not coincidentally in the form of genealogy), Jesus Christ is that One.

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